Whipsaw Sport Fishing Catches 615 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin


Whipsaw Sport Fishing Catches 615 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin on July 22, 2015. It was on an afternoon half day private charter that Whipsaw sport fishing caught 2 Pacific Blue Marlin. The weather was great. The Pacific Ocean was flat. It was an afternoon bite! Captain Duffy and Shane headed out on an afternoon half day private charter. Shane set all the lines and after about an hour the center rigger came crashing down! Frank jumped into the chair and began fighting the fish! After about 45 minutes they had a 175 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin lying on the deck of the Whipsaw!


After all the Hi-5’s, Duffy set the lines and before he could take a break, WHAM! the center rigger came down again! This time they were in for a huge battle! The line was ripping off the reel like crazy! After clearing the rest of the lines Captain Duffy through the Whipsaw into reverse! Sea water was dumping into the back of the boat like a waterfall as the crew was trying to calm the fish down before he spooled them! Finally they got the fish under control and they were able to fight the fish. It took about an hour and a half, but they got the fish on the boat.

When they got back to the harbor they weighed the fish and it came in at a whopping 615 lbs. Congratulations to Captain Duffy, Shane and the entire crew onboard the Whipsaw.

You too can catch a nice Marlin! Give Whipsaw Sport Fishing a call at (808) 393-2000 today to book your charter!

Charter Fishing Waikiki and cought a nice Ono!

charter fishing waikiki

James was visiting Hawaii from Texas. He looked at the deep blue and green waters off Waikiki Beach and thought he would love to go charter fishing Waikiki. After making a reservation, he arrived at the Whipsaw at 5:45 am and was really looking forward the trip!

James met Captain Duffy and Shane and off they went! Shane set the lines and Shane showed James how to use the fishing gear. Captain Duffy saw a small pile of birds and headed in their direction. As he approached, WHAM; the rigger came down. The reel started screaming! James jumped into the chair and started fighting the fish. As the fish approached the boat, Shane grabbed the gaff and took control of the fish. They had a beautiful 32 lb. Ono!

Shane reset the lines and before long WHAM! The center came down and they were fighting another fish! They got the fish in and they had another nice Ono. They also got a third Ono and a Mahi Mahi. It was a great fun filled day charter fishing Waikiki onboard the Whipsaw!

When they arrived back at the dock Shane cut one of the Onos and gave James fish for his family to eat that night. James said he cooked it on the grill and it was delicious.

You can catch a nice fish also! Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing to make your reservation today and go charter fishing Waikiki!

Best Sport Fishing Oahu – Caught 38 lb. Ono with Whipsaw Sport Fishing

best sport fishing oahu

We were fishing the Kewalo Basin Big Fish Chase Tournament and we were looking for a big Marlin! It was a beautiful sunny day. The water was a deep blue color. The seas were calm. The island looked beautiful from offshore. It was a great day for the best sport fishing Oahu!

Everyone was excited and ready for the big event! At 7:00 am the “start fishing” announcement came and all 30 boats were off! As we headed out Shane set the lines and we were fishing. At about 7:45 am WHAM! Our starboard rigger came down and James sprang into action! He fought that Ono all the way to the boat where Shane took over. Shane gaffed the Ono and brought in a nice 33 lb. fish!

We trolled around for a couple of hours without a tap when all of a sudden WHAM! The center rigger came down. Craig sat in the chair and reeled in a nice 21 lb. Mahi Mahi. We reset all the lines and continued fishing and about 10 minutes later WHAM! The center rigger and the starboard rigger both came down. YES…We had a double! Denise grabbed one rod and started working and Paul grabbed the other rod. They both worked hard reeling in their fish. Paul’s fish came in first and Shane took care of it. Paul’s Ono was a nice 20 lb. Ono. Denise’s Ono was a little harder! It took her about 15 minutes to get her Ono to the boat, but she was a great angler! Denise’s Ono weighed 38.6 lbs. and we thought we had first place in the Ono category but CORMORANT brought in a beautiful 38.7 lb. Ono! Congratulations Bruce on your 38.7 lb. Ono and the 848 lb. Marlin!

We took 2nd Place in the Ono category and we all had a wonderful time! You too can have wonderful time fishing with your friends. Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing for best sport fishing Oahu!

Charter Fishing Honolulu on the Whipsaw!

charter fishing honolulu

Monday was a beautiful day for charter fishing Honolulu! The sunrise was beautiful! The water color was a brilliant blue. It was about 80 degrees with a cool breeze. The Island of Oahu looked beautiful from offshore.

We had six full day shares that wanted to go charter fishing Honolulu. They arrived at 5:45 am and they were all very excited! Captain Mike and Bob boarded everyone on the Whipsaw and they headed out to sea. As the sun come up over Diamondhead breaking through the morning clouds, Bob started setting the lines. The lures were running great!

After a few hours Captain Mike saw something floating in the distance through his binoculars and he headed that direction. As he got closer he saw many birds over the floater! That’s a great sign!

Bob was ready! As Captain Mike passed the floater, WHAM!!! 2 lines came down! The first 2 Anglers started fighting the fish! As they approached the boat, Bob took control and gaffed both fish. They were Ono (Wahoo)! Captain quickly turned the boat around and headed back for another pass. As he did, Bob reset the lines and they were ready! As the Whipsaw passed the floater, WHAM!!! another line came down! Yes, another Ono!

Captain Mike and the crew worked the floater for another couple of hours. When it was time to head back, they had caught 9 Ono (Wahoo)! On their way back they also caught 2 Mahi Mahi!

It was truly a great day charter fishing Honolulu on the Whipsaw! Our customers had a great time catching a lot of fish and they even took diner home! You can also have a great day charter fishing Honolulu. To reserve your fun filled day of charter fishing Honolulu, give Captain Don a call at (808) 393-2000 and we can make your reservation!

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Charter Boat Fishing Oahu – Catching a Pacific Blue Marlin on the Whipsaw!

charter boat fishing oahu

The weather was perfect for a Pacific Blue Marlin! This was the perfect day for charter boat fishing oahu.

The sun was shining! The winds were calm! The water was flat! The weather was perfect for a Pacific Blue Marlin! This was the perfect day for charter boat fishing oahu. Captain Mike and Shane went right to work. They headed out to an area about 30 miles south of Oahu. Shane set the lures and they were off!

On the way to the area they picked up a 20lb Mahi Mahi and a few Skipjack Tunas. They arrived at the area and it looked great! Big bird piles were everywhere! Captain Mike worked the area for about an hour and WHAM, the center rigger came down and they were off! The reel started screaming and our Angler jumped right into the chair. He strapped in and Shane handed him the rod. He went right to work! He fought the fish for about an 45 minutes and the crew got this 210 lb. Marlin onboard. Everyone did a great job on this fish!

You can catch your own Marlin! Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing at (808) 393-2000 to reserve your sport fishing adventure and go charter boat fishing Oahu!



Whipsaw Sport Fishing – Best Deep Sea Fishing in Waikiki

Whipsaw Sport Fishing

4 Big Yellowfin Tuna with Whipsaw Sport Fishing!

Bill is from Australia. He booked a three-quarter day private charter for a party of four onboard the Whipsaw for May 15th. They arrived at the dock around 5:45 am where they met Captain Mike and Shane. They left the dock around 6 am and headed for the fishing grounds. They caught a few Skipjack Tuna and a Mahi Mahi and were closing in on the time to head back to the dock.

Captain Mike saw a small pile of birds and headed in their direction. As he approached, WHAM; the rigger came down. The reel started screaming and then the other rigger came down! Then the two corners went off and we had 4 fish on with reels screaming!

Shane jumped up and took control. He cleared the only two remaining lines that were not hooked up and assigned a rod that was hooked up to each person. He directed each angler as to how to bring in their fish. It was very exciting! Lines were getting crossed, but Shane uncrossed them as soon as he saw it. After a few frightening moments, Shane began bringing them onboard the boat one at a time. They got them all! What a prize for Bill and his gang! Bill and his gang came out with Whipsaw Sport Fishing and got 4 Yellowfin Tuna! The smallest was 110 lbs. and the largest was 145 lbs. What a day!

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Hawaii deep sea fishing charters on Whipsaw!

hawaii deep sea fishing charters

 Hawaii deep sea fishing charters on the Whipsaw!

Saturday was fantastic! The weather was perfect. The sun was passing between the clouds. A great day for Hawaii deep sea fishing charters. We had Captain Rick, Shane and 4 customers on the Whipsaw and they were very excited to go fishing! We left the dock at 6 am and headed out to sea.

After about an hour Captain Rick spotted several piles of birds and he began working each pile. After about 30 minutes, WAM, the rigger came down and our anglers (Tina) began fighting a nice Mahi Mahi. She did a wonderful job bringing that fish in! She landed a 32 lb. Mahi Mahi!

After all the Hi Fives, Captain Rick and Shane set the lines out and began looking for more bird piles. They went through several piles and caught a few Aku (Skipjack Tuna) and Coy brought in a nice 28 lb. Ono (Wahoo).

After a few hours they were working a nice size bird pile when WAM…the rigger came down, the reel started screaming and the pole was bent over! Everyone was looking at the rod that was bent over when WAM…the center came down and that reel started screaming! Yes…they had 2 Ahi (yellowfin Tuna) on at one time! Captain Rick and Shane went right to work. They cleared the rest of the lines and put Marcus in the fighting chair, and Tony on the other rod. Both of them worked very hard fighting their fish. Their lines crossed several times, but Shane was able to keep the lines strait by moving rods around. The first fish on the boat was about 175 lbs. and the second fish was about 210 lbs. Both very nice fish! Congradulations Guys! Overall, it was a great day on the Whipsaw for a Hawaii deep sea fishing charters.

You can also catch a Yellowfin Tuna. To book your Hawaii deep sea fishing charters, please call us at (808) 393-2000.

Sport fishing Oahu and caught a yellowfin Tuna!

sport fishing oahu

Sport fishing Oahu for Yellowfin Tuna.

Caithlin thought she would go sport fishing Oahu. She said she was here in Waikiki on vacation and couldn’t leave without going deep sea fishing just once! So, she made a reservation on a full day shared charter and off she went.

The boat left the dock at 6 am they hooked their first Mahi Mahi around 7:30 am. They continued working the area and the when everyone was almost asleep, WAM… the center rigger came down and the reel started screaming! Caithlin ran and jumped into the fighting chair, strapped in and went right to work! She was a true angler. She handled that fish like a true professional! It was her against a 140 pound fighter and she prevailed! She got the fish close to the boat and Shane took over. Shane got the fish on the boat and a lot of Hi Fives went up. Caithlin did a wonderful job bringing that fish in! Everyone had a wonderful time sport fishing Oahu onboard the Whipsaw!

You can also catch a Yellowfin Tuna. Give us a call at (808) 393-2000 and we can reserve you’re trip today!

Deep sea fishing – HYC’s Annual Senorita’s Tournament

deep sea fishing senortia's tournament

Deep sea fishing – Senorita’s Tournament

Hawaii Yacht Club’s Senorita’s deep sea fishing Tournament. It was held on April 18th in Honolulu! It was a beautiful sunny day. The temp was 84 degrees. We all met at the boat at 5:00 am and headed our to the starting point. It was a shotgun start at 6:00 am and we were off! Shane set all the lines out and we were all set for the big day! Our first strike came at around 7:00 am and it took the port rigger. Sasha jumped into the fighting chair and did a wonderful job reeling in a beautiful 20.5 lb. Mahi Mahi.

After we got the Mahi Mahi onboard the action slowed down for a while. We hit all of our favorite fishing spots without a strike. it was very frustrating! But that’s deep sea fishing! Hours of boredom followed by moments of excitement. Around 2:00 pm it was time to head back. We had to be at the dock no later than 5:00 pm.

As we were approaching Pearl Harbor, the starboard corner went off. This time Denise jumped into the fighting chair! She was really into it! She started reeling that fish in like there was no tomorrow! When the fish got close to the boat Shane and Rick grabbed the line and Shane was able to gaff the fish. It was a 36 lb. Alua! Unfortunately, Alua is not one of the qualifying fish for this tournament. But Denise had fun reeling it in anyway and we all had a fun with that. At that point we were running late! We didn’t think we were going to make it back to the dock at the Hawaii Yacht Club by 5:00 pm.

We pulled into the channel at 4:55 and we just made it! We weighed our fish and our Mahi Mahi was the biggest Mahi Mahi of the day! Not to mention it took 3rd place in the tournament! It was a slow day, but that’s deep sea fishing! Everyone had a blast and we walked away with a few bucks!

Deep sea fishing on Honolulu’s best sport fishing boat, the Whipsaw!

Deep Sea Fishing for Big Ahi

Deep Sea Fishing with Whipsaw Sport Fishing!

Today is April 23, 2015. It’s a beautiful day for deep sea fishing! It’s sunny. 84 degrees. Winds from the east at 10 knots. Mike and Shane are Deep sea fishing on a full day charter today about 10 miles off Waikiki looking for Marlin or Tuna. Mahi Mahi and Wahoo are in the area so let’s see what they come back with!

This time of year we are mostly trolling with lures. However, when we can find live bait we will put that out for any of the 4 flag fish (Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and Wahoo). Sport fishing with live bait is a blast! When a fish takes live bait, it hits hard and fast. You have a lot of fun fighting a prize fish!

Give Don or Patti a call at Whipsaw sport fishing and they will set you up on your own private or shared deep sea sport fishing charter. We are located about 1 mile outside of Waikiki in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ready to go Deep Sea Fishing?