Fishing FAQs

What kind of fish will we catch?
Most common catches include Pacific Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Spear Fish, Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi), Wahoo (Ono) and Mahi-Mahi.
How many can go?
US Coast Guard Regulations allow us to carry a Maximum of 6 passengers. Shared Charters require a minimum of 4 passengers.
How long are trips?
We run 1/2 Day (4-5 hours), 3/4 Day (6-7 hours) and Full-Day (8-10 hours) trips.
What time do we start?
Check-in time for morning departures is 5:30 am and we leave at approximately 6:00 am. Afternoon charters please check with us for your check-in & departure times.
Do I get to keep fish?
Yes! For Private Charters, we filet up to 50 lbs. of the fish you catch. For individuals on Shared Charters, we filet servings at 1-2 lbs per person from fish caught. Private & Shared Charters: Any fish caught over 100 lbs. will not be cut and will remain with the boat!
Are food and drink provided?
You’re welcome to bring food, snacks and beverages for the day, coolers are not necessary, we have plenty of cooler space & ice for your food & beverages. (Please NO BANANAS: they’re considered BAD LUCK!) Alcoholic beverages are also permitted but please also bring an adequate supply of bottled water or sodas (for safty, no glass bottles please). Catering is available! See above…
Motion Sickness
Motion sickness medications should be taken the night before and once again the morning of your trip. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist for recommendations. If your party wishes to return to the dock early, there will be no refunds.
What Should I Bring?
Besides food and drink, sunglasses, hat (wide brimmed), SPF 30 sunscreen or greater, light windbreaker or wearable rain gear, long sleeve shirt (layering is best!), deck shoes with good grip soles (flip flops don’t hold up well on wet decks and high seas, Crocs, surf shoes or Aqua Socks are fine), camera or video equipment, and motion sickness medication.
How big is your boat?
Whipsaw is an air-conditioned luxury 35′ CABO sport fishing vessel powered by twin 435hp Caterpillar diesel engines.
Cancellations & Refunds
Cancellations more than 72 hours before the scheduled Check-in time will receive a full refund. Cancellations within 72 hours of the scheduled Check-in time will not receive a refund. If Whipsaw cancels your charter for mechanical reasons or weather conditions, we will re-schedule your charter or give you a full refund. If the Captain returns early for passenger safety concerns (e.g. too much to drink or seasickness) there will be no refund.
Tournament Cancellations
Tournament cancellations received more than seven days prior to the start time of the tournament will receive a full refund minus any expenses paid by Whipsaw. Expenses could include but may not be limited to, tournament entry fees, mooring fees, etc. Cancellations received within seven days of the tournament start time will not receive a refund. If Whipsaw cancels your charter for mechanical reasons or weather conditions, we will re-schedule your charter or give you a full refund. If the Captain returns early for passenger safety concerns (e.g. too much to drink or seasickness) there will be no refund.
Gratuity for your Crew
Gratuity for your crew may be placed on your Credit Card for your convenience. Please let us know when making your reservation. A 17% gratuity will automatically be added for charters with 2 or more boats.


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  • Highly Recommend!

    Amazing time out fishing with Captain Will and Tom. They had us hooking fish immediately, and it stayed hot. Great experience, highly recommend!

    Spencer Neufeld, Aug 2020
  • Amazing

    Captain Will and Tom were nothing short of amazing. We booked an extremely last minute fishing charter. We met up at 0530 and left immediately. Will already had a lead on where to get to a good fishing spot, and as soon as we got there we snagged four Mahi Mahi and three tuna. The experience was a bucket list item for me and the crew didn’t fail to impress me. There’s literally nothing like catching a big fish right out of the ocean. I’m already planning my next trip here and want to do this again. I’m hooked and want to catch more!!!

    Kyle, Aug 2020
  • Very Professional

    Great Charter! Captain Will and Tom were very professional. Great safety demo and procedural brief before we left port. They worked hard to keep us in the fish, which they did!

    Colin Edwards, Aug 2020
  • Memory of a Lifetime

    Booked a full day shared trip for my 15yo son’s birthday. The captain and mate were very kind and knowledgeable. Everyone had a good time and we caught several fish. It was definitely a memory of a lifetime for my son! Thank you!

    Tracy Witty, March 2020
  • Biggest Fish of my Life

    Had one of the most amazing days of my life what a fishing trip couldn’t have gone with a better crew or better boat. Mike was a great captain it was a little rough out there but he made it as comfortable as it could be also a really nice guy. Will was the deckhand never seen anyone work that hard to get things done on a boat unbelievable also a really nice guy these guys told stories, very knowledgeable about the area and what we were fishing for answered all our questions and were in great spirits all day they made an 8-hour trip feel like 2 but these guys also help me catch the biggest fish of my life they were the reason I caught this fish I couldn’t be more grateful I would recommend whipsaw fishing to any and everyone my 21-year-old daughter was with me and she also had an amazing day I went out knowing that when your fishing sometimes you get one and sometimes you don’t but either way I would have had an amazing day just being out there enjoying the water and having an amazing crew thanks Will and Mike when I come back you will be seeing me.

    John, Feb 2020
  • Best Hands Down!

    I have been on many game charters around the world, Cabo San Lucas, Vanuatu, Fiji, Rarotonga, Carins, NZ and I have to say Whipsaw would be the best hands down! Right from stepping on the boat, Captain Will gave the best boat safety briefing I have seen, then Brenden, the 1st mate gave a straight-up session of the do’s and dont’s when hooking up in the chair. We landed a 459lb Blue, huge thanks to Capt Will, Brenden and Tom for a great day on the deep blue.

    Craig McCarthy, Jan 2020
  • Very Clean Cabin and Very Nice Crew

    I have been on a few charters before, but this one was exceptional. Very clean cabin and very nice crew. We came back with my first marlin with my father losing another which was roughly 120lb, despite this, the rest of the boats couldn’t get a bite. One of the best days of my life.

    Sean, Sept 2019
  • First Class

    This boat was so clean that surgical procedures could have been performed on the deck. As a germaphobic I can tell you that I never fail to carry and use hand sanitizer at every opportunity, but on this boat it was unnecessary. The 2 member team, Captain & Crew worked together like a well-oiled machine! At no time were they idle. They were personable, professional and worked hard the entire trip. And we caught fish!

  • A Great Crew

    I want to convey what a great crew we had today and yesterday.  They did a great job of explaining to the newbies how to haul  in a fish and were great all day.  I have been on some charters where the crew get a little up tight and not too friendly—just the opposite with these guys.  It was a great time, even though we got skunked—will recommend it to my friends when they come to Oahu.

    Chris Kuhner