Skipjack Tuna (Aku)

Searching for Skipjack: Aku Fishing Off Oahu

Like its Yellowfin cousin, the Skipjack or Aku tuna has many names, a product of its multinational presence. Available in warm waters all over the globe, this fish is a great quarry if you’re new to deep sea fishing or simply want a relaxing day.

Skipjack Tuna Fishing in Oahu

The Aku is present in Oahu’s waters throughout the year, especially between March and December. These fish tend to swim in large schools and are relatively easy to catch with light tackle, especially if you use live sardines or anchovies as bait. Unlike the Yellowfin, Skipjack tuna are small, averaging only 5 pounds; the largest Aku in Hawaiian history, caught in 1964, weighed only 37 pounds. It is thus a safe fish to hunt, making it a great target for beginners or anyone who does not want to exert themselves while fishing. Even so, the Aku is known to swim fast and fight hard, so don’t get too comfortable while hunting it.

Skipjack Tuna Recipes

The taste and texture of the Aku’s meat differs from that of other tuna. It is oily and bloody, with a strong fishy taste. For this reason, most recipes involve heavily curing or seasoning it, so as to balance out the strong flavor. One Indonesian method involves curing the meat with a mixture of salt, spices, and soda powder and then smoking it until it becomes red and dry. In Japan, it is common to sear this fish with a food preparation torch. It can also be grilled, pan-fried, or used in sushi and sashimi.

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Skipjack Tuna (Aku)

Known in Hawaii as Otado when they exceed 20 pounds, many anglers target Aku for their multi-hookup action-packed activity which makes for a fun time regardless of whatever else is caught on a trip.
Hawaiian Name: ‘Aku
Avg. Weight: 5 lbs.
Best Time of Year: May-September
IGFA World Rec.: 45 lbs. 4 oz.
Place: Baja California, Mexico
Year: 1996
State Record: 37 lbs.
Place: Island of Hawaii
Year: 1964
Fishing SeasonOahuMauiKauaiBig Island