Great Day Whipsaw

The day was absolutely amazing! Our Captain, Mike was so nice and accommodating. Ope was very knowledgable and would explain to us what he was doing when he set the lines up. Both of these guys made the day fun and interesting out fishing. We went out on a private 10 hour charter with my parents. The weather couldn’t have been better and the ocean was calm right up until we came back but that’s all part of it. These guys took us out and set up lines right away. We all were able to spend time bringing in a fish. We were able to see sharks. For my parents this was their first time out deep sea fishing. When my mom felt somewhat sea sick our captain slowed a little and helped her get down from the bridge so she could drink something to feel better. Both Mike and Opy always were checking in to see how we were and they were great to visit with. After visiting with Opy, I have decided I may need to try Poke now. The best part of the day was reeling in a 158 pound marlin! Opy and Mike helped to make the experience fun and safe while reeling the marlin in and bringing it on the boat. It was a team effort to bring it in! After we got back Mike helped us fill out the information to mount the fish and they filleted up the tuna we caught for us to take home. Honestly, we could not have asked for a better day or a better crew! I would go with them fishing again in a heartbeat. Thank you guys for making it such an amazing and memorable day!

JULY 2018