Fished with Whipsaw Sat July 6, 2019. To Start off I want to say this was my first time deep sea fishing. And I fish a lot back home 4-5 days a week (freshwater). I also want to say that the people below me who gave bad reviews for not catching anything are ridiculous. It’s fishing folks not catching!!!! the captains and deck hands live off tips and fish. So trust me when I say they will do everything in their power to get you a fish. Unfortunately some days the fish don’t bite for some reason unknown to man. Now with that being said today was amazing. Started off with a 500+ Marlin on the line 30 min into the trip. He shook the hook. Little while longer we had 2 more on but they just hit the bait and didn’t allow us to set the hook. Finally a few hours later a marlin bit and allowed me to get the fish of a lifetime in the boat. Now to thank everyone. Denise is who answered the phone when I called to book the trip. Very nice and was accommodating and understanding that I only had one day to fish and she got me in. Next I want to thank James and Brenden. These guys are top notch and are by far the best guides I’ve ever had on any trip I’ve ever been on. And now to thank Don. He is the owner. When we got back to the dock he was just as excited as me and his hands about my fish. and He also was very helpful on places to have a replica made. This place is the best… I already asked what days they had available in the next few weeks because I’m coming back.

Chance S.