The sun was shining! The winds were calm! The water was flat! The weather was perfect for a Pacific Blue Marlin! This was the perfect day for charter boat fishing oahu. Captain Mike and Shane went right to work. They headed out to an area about 30 miles south of Oahu. Shane set the lures and they were off!

On the way to the area they picked up a 20lb Mahi Mahi and a few Skipjack Tunas. They arrived at the area and it looked great! Big bird piles were everywhere! Captain Mike worked the area for about an hour and WHAM, the center rigger came down and they were off! The reel started screaming and our Angler jumped right into the chair. He strapped in and Shane handed him the rod. He went right to work! He fought the fish for about an 45 minutes and the crew got this 210 lb. Marlin onboard. Everyone did a great job on this fish!

You can catch your own Marlin! Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing at (808) 393-2000 to reserve your sport fishing adventure and go charter boat fishing Oahu!

MAY 2015