Whipsaw Fishing

Monday was a beautiful day for charter fishing Honolulu! The sunrise was beautiful! The water color was a brilliant blue. It was about 80 degrees with a cool breeze. The Island of Oahu looked beautiful from offshore.

We had six full day shares that wanted to go charter fishing Honolulu. They arrived at 5:45 am and they were all very excited! Captain Mike and Bob boarded everyone on the Whipsaw and they headed out to sea. As the sun come up over Diamondhead breaking through the morning clouds, Bob started setting the lines. The lures were running great!

After a few hours Captain Mike saw something floating in the distance through his binoculars and he headed that direction. As he got closer he saw many birds over the floater! That’s a great sign!

Bob was ready! As Captain Mike passed the floater, WHAM!!! 2 lines came down! The first 2 Anglers started fighting the fish! As they approached the boat, Bob took control and gaffed both fish. They were Ono (Wahoo)! Captain quickly turned the boat around and headed back for another pass. As he did, Bob reset the lines and they were ready! As the Whipsaw passed the floater, WHAM!!! another line came down! Yes, another Ono!

Captain Mike and the crew worked the floater for another couple of hours. When it was time to head back, they had caught 9 Ono (Wahoo)! On their way back they also caught 2 Mahi Mahi!

It was truly a great day charter fishing Honolulu on the Whipsaw! Our customers had a great time catching a lot of fish and they even took diner home! You can also have a great day charter fishing Honolulu. To reserve your fun filled day of charter fishing Honolulu, give Captain Don a call at (808) 393-2000 and we can make your reservation!

Don’t forget to ask for a Whipsaw Sport Fishing T-shirt!

JUN 2015