Nice Ono

James was visiting Hawaii from Texas. He looked at the deep blue and green waters off Waikiki Beach and thought he would love to go charter fishing Waikiki. After making a reservation, he arrived at the Whipsaw at 5:45 am and was really looking forward the trip!

James met Captain Duffy and Shane and off they went! Shane set the lines and Shane showed James how to use the fishing gear. Captain Duffy saw a small pile of birds and headed in their direction. As he approached, WHAM; the rigger came down. The reel started screaming! James jumped into the chair and started fighting the fish. As the fish approached the boat, Shane grabbed the gaff and took control of the fish. They had a beautiful 32 lb. Ono!

Shane reset the lines and before long WHAM! The center came down and they were fighting another fish! They got the fish in and they had another nice Ono. They also got a third Ono and a Mahi Mahi. It was a great fun filled day charter fishing Waikiki onboard the Whipsaw!

When they arrived back at the dock Shane cut one of the Onos and gave James fish for his family to eat that night. James said he cooked it on the grill and it was delicious.

You can catch a nice fish also! Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing to make your reservation today and go charter fishing Waikiki!

JUN 2015