My wife and myself are here in Hawaii for 10 days. We are celebrating my 50th Birthday, which is on September 10th!
Being a die hard Largemouth Bass Angler, I had to book a fishing trip! The lists were long and the reviews were plenty! Many of them were atrocious!! Folks not getting a trip that they paid for. No refunds. Rude crews, etc..
Whipsaw had what we were looking for! After reading through their reviews, we were pleased and booked a 4 hr shared trip! The trip was focused on going after Mahi-Mahi, Tuna, Marlin, etc!! These are fish that I only see on tv and eat in restaurants back home in Virginia! Capt Will called me, and we spoke about the older reviews which weren’t all that great. He assured me that since he has been on board, customer service has improved greatly!! We covered specifics, managed the payment, and I ended the call very pleased! He took time out to call me and take care of loose ends and answer my questions/concerns!
The day arrived and I met Capt Will and his First Mate Tom aboard, “The Whipsaw” Once all 6 of us were present, we boarded, went over some safety information, and other important things, and we took off!
I sat in awe as I watched Tom set up all the tackle, and get lines out into the water! We were, “Trolling” on this trip.
The water was, “Very Rough,” per Capt Will. We reached a marker buoy that indicated we were in 6,000ft of water. The boat was being rocked by 5 to 7 ft swells, per Capt Will!! His maneuvering skills and Tom’s attention to detail kept us safe, inspite of the conditions!
The decision was made to switch to live bait, and we stopped trolling. Tom pulled out what I thought were ballyhoo (live bait) and switched to a live rig. I’m convinced that Tom secretly is Spider-Man as he was sure footed while the boat was taking on the swells. He got the rig out, and within minutes, “Fish On!!” He called out to our numbered rod holder to get into the fighting chair!!
The fish fought just as hard as the swells, but we landed a Beautiful 30+Inch Mahi-Mahi!
There weren’t any other fish in the area, and the Capt decided that with the conditions, we should turn around, troll, and head back in. We all wanted more fishing action, but we made it back in with no more action. Tom brought in all the rigs, and secured all the tackle. Soon we were back in the slip. Capt Will and Tom did an excellent job! They were apologetic re; the fishing, but we’re more concerned about each of our experiences and what we thought about the trip/experience! Very professional! When we come back to Hawaii, I will definitely book with Whipsaw again!! As long as Capt Will and Tom are still around!!

John and Michelle Futrell

John Futrell