Whipsaw Jpg

We had my son’s Make-A-Wish trip in Hawaii and he is obsessed with fishing! He uses a wheelchair, so we were a bit nervous about being on the boat etc… Whipsaw was the ABSOLUTE BEST! Will and Tom were so friendly and knowledgeable and bent over backward to make it a great experience for Gus. Tom picked him up and walked on to the boat with him – no problem! 🙂 They patiently answered every question and seemed genuinely interested in our son. The boat was clean and easy to move around in – they made sure Gus could take his chair wherever he wanted on deck.

We didn’t get a big fish that day, but when Gus showed Will his book of Hawaii reef fish – he took off to find a reef and he caught the exact fish in the book! Gus was so excited and Tom’s enthusiasm was contagious – you can tell these guys love what they do.

They filleted the fish right on the dock and Gus even got to eat a small tuna he caught right there – sashimi!!!

I can’t recommend this professional, accommodating, wonderful company enough! Thank you Tom and Will!!!!

Tonya Dreher
August 2022