Caithlin Freeny

Caithlin thought she would go sport fishing Oahu. She said she was here in Waikiki on vacation and couldn’t leave without going deep sea fishing just once! So, she made a reservation on a full day shared charter and off she went.

The boat left the dock at 6 am they hooked their first Mahi Mahi around 7:30 am. They continued working the area and the when everyone was almost asleep, WAM… the center rigger came down and the reel started screaming! Caithlin ran and jumped into the fighting chair, strapped in and went right to work! She was a true angler. She handled that fish like a true professional! It was her against a 140 pound fighter and she prevailed! She got the fish close to the boat and Shane took over. Shane got the fish on the boat and a lot of Hi Fives went up. Caithlin did a wonderful job bringing that fish in! Everyone had a wonderful time sport fishing Oahu onboard the Whipsaw!

You can also catch a Yellowfin Tuna. Give us a call at (808) 393-2000 and we can reserve you’re trip today!

MAY 2015