Whipsaw Sport Fishing

Bill is from Australia. He booked a three-quarter day private charter for a party of four onboard the Whipsaw for May 15th. They arrived at the dock around 5:45 am where they met Captain Mike and Shane. They left the dock around 6 am and headed for the fishing grounds. They caught a few Skipjack Tuna and a Mahi Mahi and were closing in on the time to head back to the dock.

Captain Mike saw a small pile of birds and headed in their direction. As he approached, WHAM; the rigger came down. The reel started screaming and then the other rigger came down! Then the two corners went off and we had 4 fish on with reels screaming!

Shane jumped up and took control. He cleared the only two remaining lines that were not hooked up and assigned a rod that was hooked up to each person. He directed each angler as to how to bring in their fish. It was very exciting! Lines were getting crossed, but Shane uncrossed them as soon as he saw it. After a few frightening moments, Shane began bringing them onboard the boat one at a time. They got them all! What a prize for Bill and his gang! Bill and his gang came out with Whipsaw Sport Fishing and got 4 Yellowfin Tuna! The smallest was 110 lbs. and the largest was 145 lbs. What a day!

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MAY 2015