Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Deep Sea Dolphin: Mahi Mahi Fishing Off the Oahu Coast

If the idea of hooking dolphins shocks you, worry not: these aren’t the playful sea mammals from “Flipper” and “The Cove,” but rather finned fish that bear the same name. Also known as Mahi Mahi or Dorado, Dolphin fish are famous in Hawaii, thanks to both their bright colors and their delicious, distinctive meat.

Mahi Mahi Fishing around Oahu

Mahi Mahi are available in Oahu’s waters the entire year, and become especially abundant between March and September. Because of their high metabolisms, these fish are quickly attracted to sardines and mackerel, making them easy to catch with live bait and medium-weight tackle. They weigh 20 pounds on average, but have been known to reach 82 pounds in Hawaiian waters. The Dolphin fish is easy to identify due to its golden body and bright green and blue sides. Make sure to photograph them as soon as you reel them in, as they become yellowish-grey shortly after death.

Mahi Mahi Recipes

Mahi Mahi meat is a staple of Hawaiian cuisine due to its light, sweet flavor, which pairs well with the island’s many tropical fruits. The meat is usually grilled, baked, or pan fried, often after marinating in a fruit-based sauce. Once cooked, you can either serve it as a fillet or shred the meat and include it in wraps or tacos.

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Dolphin (Mahimahi)

Mahimahi is a smaller, colorful, plentiful fish, with a distinctive hump on its head. It’s closely associated with Hawaiian cuisine because its taste blends well with native fruits. Mahimahi flesh is pink, has a mildly sweet flavor and turns white when cooked.
Hawaiian Name: Mahimahi
Avg. Weight: 20 lbs.
Best Time of Year: September-May
IGFA World Record: 88 lbs.
Place: Exuma, Bahamas
Year: 1998
State Record: 82 lbs.
Place: Island of Hawaii
Year: 1987
Fishing SeasonOahuMauiKauaiBig Island