Pacific Blue Marlin


Battling from the Boat

Pacific Blue Marlin Fishing Near Oahu

While many casual fishers are content to real in a slow but steady supply of small fish, some seek a more serious challenge. If an epic battle at sea is what you’re looking for, the Pacific Blue Marlin is the perfect prey to seek in the waters off Oahu. Available throughout the year and particularly between April and September, the Blue Marlin offers both the fight of a lifetime and a story you can tell for years afterward.

The Challenge of Fishing for Pacific Blue Marlin

Between their size and their reputation for endless energy and struggle, the Pacific Blue Marlin is one of the most challenging fish in the ocean. These beasts weigh 200 pounds on average, and those off the coast of Oahu have been known to grow as large as 1,800 pounds. The Blue Marlin also tends to leap out of the air while hooked, and on occasion, it has impaled fishers who don’t take the proper precautions. Hunting this fish is thus an exhausting and dangerous endeavor, but if you have the skills, equipment, and bravery to do it, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure.

Pacific Blue Marlin Hawaii pacific blue marlin

Hawaiian Name: A’u
Avg. Weight: 200 lbs.
Best Time of Year: Year-round
IGFA World Record: 1,376 lbs.
Place: Island of Hawaii
Year: 1982
State Record: 1,805 lbs.
Place: Island of O’ahu
Year: 1970

Pacific Blue Marlin

The Pacific Blue Marlin is the grand prize for many offshore anglers. Its size and tremendous fight when hooked are a challenge to the most accomplished angler.



Fishing Season Oahu Maui Kauai Big Island
January Fair Good Good Fair
February Fair Fair Peak Fair
March Fair Fair Peak Fair
April Good Good Peak Fair
May Good Peak Peak Fair
June Peak Peak Peak Peak
July Peak Peak Peak Peak
August Peak Peak Peak Peak
September Good Peak Peak Peak
October Fair Good Good Fair
November Fair Fair Good Fair
December Fair Good Good Fair

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For Blue Marlin

Catching the Blue Marlin is always an epic battle, but if you emerge victoriously, the meal you can make is no less epic. Blue Marlin meat is firm and thick and is therefore usually prepared in steak form. To cook it, begin by applying a coat of olive oil along with the seasonings of your choice. Then grill it for between three and five minutes on each side or until brown, making sure to leave the inside slightly undercooked compared to the outside. The meat is thick enough that it should not fall apart in the process. Because Blue Marlin has a relatively light flavor, it is usually heavily seasoned, often with salt, pepper, herbs, and lemon juice. Some cooks choose to place it in a sous vide bag prior to grilling in order to lock in flavors.

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