Wahoo (Ono)

The Wahoo in Oahu: Your Guide to Ono Fishing

Known as the Ono in Hawaii and the Wahoo across the globe, this fish is notable for its long, thin, striped body and range of different colors. With such a beautiful, distinct appearance, the Ono is worth catching for the picture alone; add in its delicious meat and nothing should stop you from seeking it!

Hawaiian Ono Fishing off Oahu

The Wahoo takes to Oahu’s waters throughout the year, and is especially abundant between March and September. It is relatively small on average, with a mean weight of only 25 pounds, but it does range much higher than that. The largest one caught near Oahu was 124 pounds, so be prepared for the possibility of a formidable fight with this fish. Even if reeling it in isn’t itself a challenge, finding it can be, as Wahoo do not swim in schools. Your best bet for catching one is through trolling; both live and dead bait will attract it.

Hawaiian Ono Fish Recipes

Wahoo meat has a mildly sweet flavor, a modest amount of fat, and a solid, firm texture. In Hawaii, it is common to sear or grill this meat, often after marinating it for up to 24 hours in a mixture containing soy, honey, garlic, and other sweet and savory flavors.

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Wahoo (Ono)

Wahoo have a long slender body, light-colored vertical stripes, blue-grey backs, a silver belly and a slender tube-like mouth. While Wahoo are in the mackerel family, they are not a schooling fish. Wahoo grow upwards of 75 lbs. and are an offshore gamefish generally caught by trolling artificial lures.
Hawaiian Name: ‘Ono
Avg. Weight: 25 lbs.
Best Time of Year: April-October
IGFA World Rec.: 158 lbs. 8 oz.
Place: Baja California, Mexico
Year: 1996
State Record: 124 lbs.
Place: Island of O’ahu
Year: In the 1940’s
Fishing SeasonOahuMauiKauaiBig Island