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Unknown & Underrated Activities in Hawaii’s Gathering Place

As the site of Honolulu, Hawaii’s capitol and largest metropolis, Oahu has always stood out as the most exciting spot in an already fun-filled state. The island fuses city and country delights, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of Honolulu without ever being far from beautiful beaches and wild waves. Yet with so many things to do, it’s easy to overlook some of the island’s best opportunities to have fun. The next time you take a trip to Oahu, don’t forget to:

1. Sample Some Shrimp

When most people think of Hawaiian food, pork, pineapple, and Mahi Mahi come to mind, but the local cuisine is hardly limited to these three flavors. Oahu in particular is famous for its shrimp trucks, which serve delicious local shrimp smothered in butter and garlic. These trucks are especially common in the North Shore area, where they have become something of a local tradition. Many of these trucks operate right on the beach, allowing you to fuel up with a plate of shrimp after a long day of surfing, fishing, or parasailing.

2. Hike Up the Koko Crater

Oahu is famous for its water sports, but the island is every bit as great a place for hikers as it is for surfers and swimmers. Located inside and named after the Koko Crater, the Koko Head Stairs provide a challenging and rewarding hike. While the hike will be relatively short, lasting between 30 minutes to 1 hour for most hikers, it is incredibly steep, making it a challenge to get to the top. If you can make it, however, you will have a stunning view of the entire island and plenty of opportunities to take pictures. This climb is especially great during the morning, as you can watch the sunrise just as you reach the top.

3. Try Yoga on a Paddle Board

If you’re a fan of paddle boarding, you already have a good sense of balance, but you can always take that balance a step forward. Through paddle board yoga, you will have to carefully control your weight so you don’t fall into the water. While you’re likely to get soaked the first few times you try this, over time, you will build muscles and gain greater control over your body— all while experiencing the beauty of Oahu’s calm, clear waters.

4. Take a Trip to Chinatown

Chinese Americans have played a central role in Oahu and the rest of Hawaii for hundreds of years. This proud heritage is on display in the Honolulu Chinatown, a historic district that preserves this community’s architecture, cuisines, and culture for all to see. In Chinatown, you can catch a play at the Hawaii Theater, check out local arts at the Arts District, or sample a wide range of foods.

5. Dare to Bodyboard at Keiki Beach

Looking to add a little danger, and a lot of exercise, to your Hawaiian vacation? Keiki Beach offers some of the wildest and roughest waves in the Pacific Ocean, making it a favorite spot for daring swimmers and bodyboarders. By riding these waves, you’ll push your body to the limit and dramatically improve your strength. Just be careful when swimming in these waves, and make sure you have someone else with you at all times.

No matter where you stay or what you enjoy, you’ll never be far from fun on the island of Oahu. Whipsaw Sportfishing is committed to making your next trip to this island unforgettable. In addition to advising you on the best things to do here, we also organize deep sea fishing charters on our sport fishing boats, so you can catch marlin, tuna, and other challenging local game.

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