Kewalo Basin Tournament

We were fishing the Kewalo Basin Big Fish Chase Tournament and we were looking for a big Marlin! It was a beautiful sunny day. The water was a deep blue color. The seas were calm. The island looked beautiful from offshore. It was a great day for the best sport fishing Oahu!

Everyone was excited and ready for the big event! At 7:00 am the “start fishing” announcement came and all 30 boats were off! As we headed out Shane set the lines and we were fishing. At about 7:45 am WHAM! Our starboard rigger came down and James sprang into action! He fought that Ono all the way to the boat where Shane took over. Shane gaffed the Ono and brought in a nice 33 lb. fish!

We trolled around for a couple of hours without a tap when all of a sudden WHAM! The center rigger came down. Craig sat in the chair and reeled in a nice 21 lb. Mahi Mahi. We reset all the lines and continued fishing and about 10 minutes later WHAM! The center rigger and the starboard rigger both came down. YES…We had a double! Denise grabbed one rod and started working and Paul grabbed the other rod. They both worked hard reeling in their fish. Paul’s fish came in first and Shane took care of it. Paul’s Ono was a nice 20 lb. Ono. Denise’s Ono was a little harder! It took her about 15 minutes to get her Ono to the boat, but she was a great angler! Denise’s Ono weighed 38.6 lbs. and we thought we had first place in the Ono category but CORMORANT brought in a beautiful 38.7 lb. Ono! Congratulations Bruce on your 38.7 lb. Ono and the 848 lb. Marlin!

We took 2nd Place in the Ono category and we all had a wonderful time! You too can have wonderful time fishing with your friends. Call Whipsaw Sport Fishing for best sport fishing Oahu!

JUN 2015