Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing

Saturday was fantastic! The weather was perfect. The sun was passing between the clouds. A great day for Hawaii deep sea fishing charters. We had Captain Rick, Shane and 4 customers on the Whipsaw and they were very excited to go fishing! We left the dock at 6 am and headed out to sea.

After about an hour Captain Rick spotted several piles of birds and he began working each pile. After about 30 minutes, WAM, the rigger came down and our anglers (Tina) began fighting a nice Mahi Mahi. She did a wonderful job bringing that fish in! She landed a 32 lb. Mahi Mahi!

After all the Hi Fives, Captain Rick and Shane set the lines out and began looking for more bird piles. They went through several piles and caught a few Aku (Skipjack Tuna) and Coy brought in a nice 28 lb. Ono (Wahoo).

After a few hours they were working a nice size bird pile when WAM…the rigger came down, the reel started screaming and the pole was bent over! Everyone was looking at the rod that was bent over when WAM…the center came down and that reel started screaming! Yes…they had 2 Ahi (yellowfin Tuna) on at one time! Captain Rick and Shane went right to work. They cleared the rest of the lines and put Marcus in the fighting chair, and Tony on the other rod. Both of them worked very hard fighting their fish. Their lines crossed several times, but Shane was able to keep the lines straight by moving rods around. The first fish on the boat was about 175 lbs. and the second fish was about 210 lbs. Both very nice fish! Congratulations Guys! Overall, it was a great day on the Whipsaw for a Hawaii deep sea fishing charters.

You can also catch a Yellowfin Tuna. To book your Hawaii deep sea fishing charters, please call us at (808) 393-2000.

MAY 2015