Lb Marlin

Whipsaw Sport Fishing Catches 615 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin on July 22, 2015. It was on an afternoon half day private charter that Whipsaw sport fishing caught 2 Pacific Blue Marlin. The weather was great. The Pacific Ocean was flat. It was an afternoon bite! Captain Duffy and Shane headed out on an afternoon half day private charter. Shane set all the lines and after about an hour the center rigger came crashing down! Frank jumped into the chair and began fighting the fish! After about 45 minutes they had a 175 lb. Pacific Blue Marlin lying on the deck of the Whipsaw!

After all the Hi-5’s, Duffy set the lines and before he could take a break, WHAM! the center rigger came down again! This time they were in for a huge battle! The line was ripping off the reel like crazy! After clearing the rest of the lines Captain Duffy through the Whipsaw into reverse! Sea water was dumping into the back of the boat like a waterfall as the crew was trying to calm the fish down before he spooled them! Finally they got the fish under control and they were able to fight the fish. It took about an hour and a half, but they got the fish on the boat.

When they got back to the harbor they weighed the fish and it came in at a whopping 615 lbs. Congratulations to Captain Duffy, Shane and the entire crew onboard the Whipsaw.

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JULY 2015