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Why Oahu Excels for Deep Sea Fishing

Frequently Caught Fish

As the most populous island in the state of Hawaii, Oahu is known across the globe for its beaches, nightlife, and historic sites. Yet the island’s delights hardly end at the shoreline. Some of the best spots for catching the many fish of Hawaii lying just off the coast. Whether you’re fishing for fun, sport, or the dinner table, there’s no better place to do it than the Gathering Place.

Aquatic Abundance Off the Shores of Oahu

The island of Oahu lies in close proximity to a geographical feature that makes it ideal for deep sea fishing. Off the coast of Kaena Point on the island’s western edge lies a sharp underwater drop-off, where the sea floor suddenly falls as you move away from the land. This feature attracts large schools of deep water Hawaii fish, which swim through it while moving between Oahu and nearby Kauai. This area thus offers access to large schools of massive fish on a regular basis.

In addition to the drop-off, Oahu fishers can take advantage of the Pinaccles, a fishing ground just south of Waikiki. Fish are abundant in this area, though the specific types vary from day to day. You can also visit Penguin Bank, a region with a shield volcano located just below the surface. Not only are fish abundant in the Bank, but if you journey there during winter, you can watch migrating humpback whales while fishing.

Thanks to its location far out in the Pacific Ocean, Oahu tends to attract large schools of game fish, which in turn attract flocks of birds that track and consume those fish. This makes it easy to spot promising fishing opportunities as they approach. Combined with good equipment and advice from local fishing professionals, you should have no trouble filling your boat with undersea game.

A Quick Guide to Local Fishing Game

Oahu is notable not only for the abundance and accessibility of its game fish, but also for their variety. From these waters, you can catch:

Marlin– The waters off Oahu attract Pacific Blue Marlin throughout the year, as well as Striped Marlin between December and March. On rare occasions, you may also be able to catch the Black Marlin, an Australian fish that sometimes strays from its path and ends up near Hawaii.

Tuna– Between March and December, Oahu offers the opportunity to catch both the Skipjack Tuna or Aku tuna as well as its much larger cousin, the Yellowfin or Ahi tuna. You may also have the chance to catch Bigeye tuna, also referred to as ahi, which occasionally join schools of Yellowfins as they swim towards the Aloha State.

Wahoo or Ono– Available near Oahu between March and September, this slender game fish weighs 25 pounds on average.

Pacific Sailfish– Though found near Oahu only on occasion, this fish is easy to spot when it is available, thanks to its tall and unique dorsal fin.

Dolphin Mahi Mahi– Not to be confused with the playful mammal it shares a name with, this fish is also known as Mahi Mahi. It is available near Oahu throughout the year, but especially between March and September.

Besides deep sea fishing, the island of Oahu also offers opportunities for shore fishing, crabbing, and a wide variety of other aquatic and amphibious quarry.

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