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Located on the eastern end of the island of Oahu, Kailua and Kaneohe are among the most important towns in the Honolulu metropolitan area. Kailua, a largely residential area, has become famous for being the “Winter White House,” the main area where former US President Barack Obama spent his winter vacation. Likewise, Kaneohe is famous for its many monuments and other landmarks, making it a great place to experience Hawaii’s culture and history. Combined with providing easy access to water sports and sport fishing in Hawaii, these destinations are sure to offer you a fun, unforgettable experience.

Location & Lodging in Kaneohe & Kailua

Kailua is particularly well known for its guest houses and other vacation rentals, many of which feature pools as well as easy access to local beaches and shopping centers. Many of these rentals are relatively large, with as many as 4 bedrooms, making them ideal for family trips and other vacations involving large numbers of people. Prices usually range from $100 to $225 per night. You can also find Kailua houses, cottages, and apartments for rent on AirBNB, with prices ranging from $50 to $200 per night.

Kaneohe is also a popular site for AirBNB rentals, with local residents renting out everything from single-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom houses. Prices range from $60 a night to $200. Besides AirBNB, you can find lodging at a number of hotels and resorts. One particularly famous location is the Moana Surfrider, a resort with a pool, gym, spa, and restaurant, as well as beach access. Many Kaneohe hotels are close to Waikiki, allowing you to experience both towns with ease. The price of a luxury hotel room in this neighborhood is typically $300 per night or more.

Things to Do in Kailua & Kaneohe

Given the historic and cultural importance of both towns, Kailua and Kanehoe offer countless activities for you, your family, and your friends. Visitors to Kailua often flock to the town’s frequent festivals and block parties, which give them the chance to meet residents, try local cuisines, and experience the area’s arts and music. Meanwhile, those in Kaneohe make a point to visit the Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden, where they can see some of the rarest and most beautiful plants in the world, with species native to Hawaii, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, and Polynesia, to name just a few locations. Finally, if you’re a fan of golf, consider playing at the Bayview, Pali, and Ko’olau golf clubs, all located in Kaneohe.

Like most of Hawaii’s coastal towns, Kaneohe and Kailua have long traditions of water sports. Kailua is particularly famous as a place for kayak adventures. Not only can you rent kayaks with ease here, but there are also group kayaking tours, where local experts will guide you through the surrounding waters’ most beautiful and surprising spots. Kailua’s beaches are also great places for surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, and paddle boating.

Kaneohe shares Kailua’s reputation for boating, but while Kailua focuses on kayaks and other self-propelled boats, Kaneohe offers more opportunities for motorboat sports. From Kaneohe Bay, you can take a ride on jet skis, bumper tubes, and banana boats. These thrilling, wet rides are a great way to have fun, enjoy the water, and experience all the natural beauty that the surrounding environment has to offer.

While kayaking off the coast of Kailua or jet skiing in Kaneohe Bay, you may catch a glimpse of the area’s huge game fish. Whipsaw Sportfishing offers you the opportunity to catch these fish for yourself, experiencing their stunning beauty while bringing a huge hunk of meat home for the dinner table. With our headquarters in Kewalo Basin Harbor, we are easy to reach from either Kailua or Kaneohe.

Directions to Whipsaw from Kailua & Kaneohe

Whether you’re traveling from Kailua or Kaneohe, you can get to Whipsaw by taking HI-63 South. From Kaneohe, you simply go southeast on Duncan Drive, take a right on HI-83 North, and then immediately take a left on HI-63 South. From Kailua, you have to follow the route below (or click on the Google Maps link).

  • Go northeast on North Kalaheo Avenue for 0.4 miles.
  • Go left on Kaimi Street
  • Go right toward N. Kaialu Drive
  • Go left on Kalama Street and continue for 0.4 miles
  • Go right toward Oneawa Street
  • Use one of the two left turning lanes to get on HI-630 West and follow it for 3.2 miles; then continue onto HI-63 South

From this point, both routes are the same:

  • Follow HI-63 South for 7.9 miles
  • Keep left to continue onto Kalihi Street
  • Take a slight right to merge onto I-H1 East and continue for 2.3 miles
  • Take exit 22 towards Kinau Street
  • Use the right turning lane to stay on Kinau Street
  • Go right onto Ward Avenue and follow it for 0.8 miles
  • Go left onto Ala Moana Boulevard
  • Take the first right turn after you pass Xtreme Parasail; our slip will be on the left.

To get there from Kailua, follow these directions (Google Map Link):
To get there from Kaneohe, follow these directions (Google Map Link):

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