Pearl Harbor

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Located close to Honolulu, Pearl Harbor and Hickam offer an introduction to both Hawaii’s history and its natural beauty. The two were joined in 2010 when the United States military decided to create the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. By staying here, you can get a sense of Hawaii’s proud history and importance to the US military while also experiencing its beautiful beaches and thrilling water sports.

Places to Stay in Hickam & Pearl Harbor

The first order of business on any trip is to find a convenient, comfortable lodging place for you, your family, and your friends. If you’re not stationed and residing on base, Hickam and Pearl Harbor both offer a number of options, including

  • Hotels– There are a number of hotels in and around Pearl Harbor and Hickam. These include the Navy Gateway Inns & Suites and the Royal Alaka’i Inn. These hotels offer everything from free WiFi to wake up calls to disability accommodations to bowling, all while giving you easy access to some of the area’s most stunning attractions.

  • AirBNB– Local residents are happy to offer up their rooms and even entire houses, at prices ranging from $65 to $900. Whatever your lodging desires and budget, you should be able to find a place in Hickam or Pearl Harbor.

  • Vacation Rentals– Pearl Harbor’s offers some of the most spacious rental options in Hawaii, with houses and condos holding up to 12 people. Prices range anywhere from $100 per night to more than $600, depending on the size and location of the property.

With a place to stay in Hickam or Pearl Harbor, you’ll be able to explore not only those towns, but the entire Honolulu area. This makes it easy to experience all the cultural wonders of Hawaii’s largest metropolis, as well as its beautiful parks and nearby beaches.

Hickam & Pearl Harbor Activities

Given the towns’ historical importance to the United States, visitors to Hickam and Pearl Harbor are often drawn to historic monuments. Chief among these is the USS Missouri, the ship where the Japanese Empire officially surrendered to the United States government at the end of World War II. The Missouri is now a museum ship, meaning you can climb aboard, learn about its history, and even take photos. By taking advantage of these and other historic sites in Pearl Harbor, you can feel a closer connection to some of the most important events in American history.

As much as Pearl Harbor and Hickam value history, they don’t let remembering the past distract you from having a good time in the present. Given the area’s location near Hawaii’s most beautiful beaches, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to lie on the sand, go for a swim, or participate in more thrilling or competitive water activities. These include surfing and parasailing, as well as paddle surfing, which involves standing upright on your board and rowing from that position. You can also go snorkeling, which gives you a chance to see fish, turtles, dolphins, and other underwater life.

In addition to these fun and relaxing water sports, you’ll have a chance to participate in something more challenging: Hawaii sport fishing. Whipsaw Sportfishing organizes fishing charters, where you can catch tuna, Mahi Mahi, marlin, swordfish, and other large and powerful fish during your stay in Hickam or Pearl Harbor. These fish will give you a huge fight, forcing you to use all your strength to reel them in, but we’ll keep you safe the whole time. In this way, you can push your body to its highest level of performance while catching beautiful and delicious game for your trophy case or dinner table.

Directions to Whipsaw from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Whipsaw Sportfishing is located in Honolulu, making it easy for you to reach us from Pearl Harbor or Hickam.
To get there, follow these directions (Google Map Link):

  • Head north on Ticonderoga street
  • Go right onto Pearl Harbor Boulevard
  • Take another right toward North Road
  • Go right again in the direction of North Road
  • Take a left toward HI-92 East
  • Keep left to stay on HI-92 Eas
  • Follow the ramp onto Interstate H1 East
  • Merge onto I-H-1 East and follow it for two miles
  • Take exit 18A toward HI-92 East
  • Merge onto HI-92 East and follow it for four miles
  • Take the first right after Xtreme Parasail; we will be on your left

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